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Point of Sale Management

Scribes ERP POS can be used on iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Android Tablet, PC and MAC while allowing you the complete freedom of choice across all platforms

Online and Offline

Selling online and offline is now simplified. If you're selling offline then all the sales will be synced to the server when you come back online

Real-Time Transactions

Now monitor your business on a single screen by getting all the financial summaries, list of all sales and profits with just one click

Fast Checkout

A fast checkout process saves time for both businesses and customers while increasing productivity and sales consequently

Taxes & Discounts

Scribes POS system includes VAT & GST by setting tax and discounts calculations accurately and perfectly

Wireless Solution

Scribes POS system offers you a wireless solution for barcode scanners and printing invoices/receipts through wireless devices

Analytical Reporting

Scribes ERP offers you the detailed reports right on your screen using the data collected in real-time with complete analytical details of insights

Start Your Scribes ERP Today

Please feel free to contact us as we are super excited to engage with you so that you may ask anything about our product

Accessible Anywhere, Anytime

Scribes ERP is easily accessible on your computer, tablet and smart phone anywhere, anytime

Data Privacy and Security

Scribes ERP promises personal data privacy with the most secure and encrypted algorithms

24/7 Customer Support

Scribes ERP support team is available for your help via phone, email support and web chat