Why Scribes ERP is recommended for your Business Management?

With the invasion of the pandemic on the planet earth, much turmoil and disruption have been caused recently. Many medium businesses faced enormous financial loss causing more distress and dismay among the business owners. Scribes ERP is the best possible solution provided for your medium-sized business with its integrated modules and automated cloud software.


Introducing the Cloud Technology:

Cloud Computing Technology offers the customers to utilize the digital resources stored in the virtual space of an online network. It lets the people share information and applications across the IP cloud network without the limitation of their geographical location.


The Working of Cloud Technology:

Cloud computing is an automated application-based software infrastructure that is allowed to store data on remote servers. Such remote servers can be accessed through the internet. Every software has a graphical user interface as the front end that enables the user to access all the data stored safely on the cloud using an internet browser and connection or cloud-based software.


Top General Benefits of Choosing Online Software Scribes ERP:

Cloud-based software is also known as online software brings many benefits for easy business management:

1. Universal Accessibility:

While utilizing online software, you can expect yourself to travel more often for any professional or personal reasons. This feature is termed universal accessibility and holds great importance in providing the coolest flexibility while running a business expanded over different locations.

2. Data Security:

Although your data is shared on the public internet cloud, it remains safe from going into the wrong hands of hackers through the implementation of data encryption. Data encryption is the process of application of scrupulous algorithms that are meant for the encoding and decoding of the data. Only the authorized users with the right encryption key can get the accurate and original information otherwise for unauthorized users or hackers the data appears in its scrambled form.

3. Data Privacy:

Apart from the first two benefits, this one is also important. You need your business data to stay confidentially private and thus cloud/online software of Scribes ERP ensures accurate and precise data privacy for your business.

4. Scalability of Business:

Every businessman thrives upon the idea of expansion of business but as the business grows the technical and professional requirements add up. So, Scribes as an online software is extremely compatible with your increasing demands of expanding business.

5. Profitability of Business:

Last but not the least, high business profitability is expected by a certainly sudden increase in cash flow due to the utilization of Scribe ERP software.

Moreover, as the Scribes software is available in multiple languages, chances to attract more diverse customers are highly probable.

The Function of Scribes ERP System:

Scribes ERP is the software designed to help companies store, manage, utilize and process data regarding their daily, weekly, or monthly (periodic) processes. Scribes ERP monitors and keeps track of plenty of information including payroll, raw materials, business decision-making, purchase and sales orders, and quotations as well as the production capacity.


The Essential ERP Features Scribes Portrays:

Following are the main necessary ERP features that are portrayed by Scribes software:

  • Integration
  • Automation
  • Data Analysis
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Tracking and Monitoring of Data
  • Visibility of Data and Processes


The Vital Modules of Scribes ERP Software:

The Scribes ERP Software is segregated into the following modules:

1. Configurations:

Configurations module help in defining the main settings of the Online Scribes ERP Software. Understanding this module is mandatory to run your Scribes ERP system.

2. Financial Accounting:

The Financial Accounting Software helps the boost cash flow rate while improving the financial health of your business.

3. Cost Centers:

A cost center is a module within Scribes ERP that handles the costs allocated to different cost centers. This module also contributes to the best financial management of your business.

4. Fixed Assets:

You can monitor and track the fixed/physical assets of your company through the functionality of this module.

5. Inventory Control:

All the Inventory Management takes place in this module. You can define your business items in your warehouses.

6. Purchase:

Right from the initial document of purchase quotation till the purchase invoice all the processes are handled by Purchase Module.

7. Sales:

The Sales module includes the sales quotations, sales orders, GDN, sales invoices, and much more to facilitate the end-users.

8. Stock:

The module of stock maintains the inventory’s stock of items. Any shortage of stock is prevented by giving timely alerts to the end-user. Similarly, overstocking is not allowed beyond a certain level.

9. Production:

This module takes care of the production process and its control along with the setup and reporting features.

10. Point-of-Sales:

The point of sale module helps in the quick and efficient system of sales to the customers and maintains the quality of customer services through efficient business performance.

11. HR:

The Human Resource Management module takes care of the attendance calculation and payroll management as well as many other numerous HR operations.


The Final Thought:

Hence, if you dream of achieving great success in your business in the post-pandemic time, you must avail yourself of the great benefits offered by Scribes ERP software. Not only your business will grow and gets a financial boost but also your customers become extremely happy and satisfied with your excellent business services in a short time.